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Our homes are our refuge from the outer world. It's our one reliable place where we can retreat into safety and comfort. We like to think that we can close the front door and all will be well. That may be true in some cases but when it comes to the world of toxic concoctions, our homes are really havens for a large variety of dangerous chemicals and hormone disrupters. Harboring such intruders can put our children in harm's way.

When he was two weeks old, David passed out while breastfeeding. Rushed to the emergency room by his panicked mother, he recovered consciousness, but the doctors couldn't figure out the cause. Within the next six to eight months, David passed out numerous times and was in and out of the hospital where he was often hooked up to a respirator. His parents were counseled to prepare for David's death; doctors pronounced his case hopeless, and said spending more money on hospital care —they had already spent close to 300,000 dollars— was useless.




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