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Thiamine deficiency causes beriberi, a disease that was more prevalent when the rice-milling industry spread across Asia. Thiamine is easily destroyed by heating, and grain and cereal foods may lose quite a bit of thiamine when they are milled. In the United States, thiamine deficiency syndromes occur almost exclusively in alcoholics because of poor diet, or, for that matter, in any person who does not consume a good diet.

It is important that your diet contain plenty of thiamine; otherwise you may suffer from deficiency symptoms.

Immunologically, animals show an increased risk of infection with certain bacteria if they are deprived of thiamine.

It helps the body to fully utilize carbohydrates by interaction with enzymes.

Thiamine deficiency causes a loss of appetite, mental depression, a "pins and needles" sensation in the feet and hands, as well as other sensory losses. If severe, it will cause beriberi.

Thiamine is required for the proper function of the heart.

A deficiency of thiamine and folate leads to specific DNA changes that have been correlated with cancer.

There are no recorded cases of thiamine toxicity. Supplemental thiamine is recommended for all persons who are eating a poor diet.




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