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Stress is a word that is hard to define and there is definitely such a thing as positive stress, as well as negative stress. Inevitably, it is the negative connotations of the word that we are talking about in relation to breast cancer.

Stress does not just mean mental stress or, for that matter, taxing life events - such as being diagnosed with breast cancer. It can also mean dietary stress and the stress that chemicals may place on your body.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you set unrealistic goals, are you generally dissatisfied, or do you always do several tasks at the same time? 2 points
  • Do you find it difficult to communicate feelings and tend to 'internalize' problems?

2 points

  • Do you dislike your work or home environment? 3 points
  • Do you tend to over-commit and do too much, or find it hard to say no? 3 points
  • Are you inexplicably fatigued all the time? 4 points
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with, or treated for, a major illness? 5 points
  • Have you suffered a major personal loss in the last two years (death, divorce, financial problems, etc.)? 5 points
  • Are you generally depressed or anxious? 5 points











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